LIVE from #HIMSS16: Broadcast Schedule

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

conversahealth_screencaptureAs is typical for many I suspect the planning process to get ready for HiMSS16 is somewhat of a ‘last minute’ and rather challenging affair. When and if the planets actually align, there is a sense of  order out of the chaos that reveals itself. Today, Friday February 26th, 2016 that order seems to be congealing.

HiMSS16 floor plan | conversahealth_11334
Click for interactive floor plan map

Here are the basics:

We are broadcasting LIVE from #HIMSS16 on This Week in Health Innovation from the Conversa Health Booth (#11334) from 11AM – 1PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Our on air hosts include: Phil Marshall, MD, (@PhilMarshallMD), Chief Product Officer, Conversa Health, and my co-host on This Week in Health Innovation, Douglas Goldstein (@eFuturist) Co-host, Health Innovation Media, and Advisor to the Inova Center for Personalized Health (@InovaCPH), and Fred Goldstein (@fsgoldstein) President, Accountable Health, LLC, and Co-host, Health Innovation Media and co-founder PopHealth Week @PopHealthWeek.

The final schedule is posted below:

PROGRAM NOTE: as produced we are hyper-linking audio only versions of the interviews. If name is hyperlinked, this will take you direct to the recorded interview. The video versions will be parsed out over the next several weeks.

Tuesday March 1st:

11AM:  Kick off with co-host Phil Marshall, MD and @ConversaHealth leadership. More on Conversa Health via @OliverWyman

11:15:   Alex Meshkin, (@alexmeshkin) CEO FlowHealth (@FlowHealthHQ)

11:30:  John Mattison, MD (@johnemattison), Assistant Medical Director & CMIO Kaiser Permanente (@KPshare), Southern California

11:45:   Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD (@DrPatSoonShiong), Founder, Nant Health, LLC (@NantHealth) and Driver of Cancer Moonshot 2020, (@MoonShot2020). See: WEF Cancer Moonshot and JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

12:00:   Karissa Price-Rico, PhD (@karissprice1), Chief Marketing Officer, Care Innovations (@CareInnovations)

12:15:   Jane Sarasohn-Kahn (@healthythinker), Health Economist, Publisher, Health Populi

12:30:  Arien Malec (@amalecVice President, Data Platform & Acquisition Tools, Relay Health (@Relayhealth)

12:45:   Brenda Schmidt CEO of Solera Health (@solerahealth)

1:00: End of broadcast Day One

Wednesday, March 2nd:

11AM:  Rasu Shrestha, MD MBA (@rasushrestha), Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC and Executive Vice President, UPMC Enterprises 

11:15:   David Nace, MD (@DavidNaceMD) Chief Medical Officer, Marklogic (@Marklogic)

11:30:  Daniel Kraft, MD (@Daniel_Kraft) Curator, Exponential Medicine, Chair, Medicine Track, Singularity University (@SingularityU)

11:45:   Karen HandmakerVice President, Population Health Strategies, Phytel, an IBM Company

12:00:  David Delaney, MD (@DrDavidDelaney) Chief Medical Officer, SAP Healthcare (@SAP_Healthcare)

12:15:   Rick Krohn, Digital Health Corporate Strategy, Business Development & Product Marketing Executive & Author

12:30:  John Mattison, MD (@johnemattison), Assistant Medical Director & CMIO Kaiser Permanente (@KPshare), Southern California

12:45:  Chris Edwards (@chrissedwardsChief Marketing Officer, Validic (@Validic)

1:00: End of broadcast Day Two

Thursday, March 3rd:

9:AM  Kaveh Safavi, MD MBA, Senior Managing Director, Health Industry, Accenture Health (@AccentureHealth)

11AM:  Mark Scrimshire (@ekivemark), Entrepreneur-In-Residence, CMS & Founder, HealthCamp.

11:15:   Mario Englada (@angladam), Vice President, Healthcare, Univision (@Univision).

11:30:  Kingsley Smith, Director of Business DevelopementEQ Health Health Solutions (@EQhealth)

11:45:   Alan Curtis, Program Manager, Innosphere (@RMinnosphere

12:00:  Carly Medosch (@CarlyRM), Program Analyst and Chronic Illness Advocate, CMS

12:15:   Andrew Kobylinski, Head of Platform, Better Doctor (@BetterDoctor)

12:30:  Jeff Bennett, CEO HIGI (@HIGI)

12:40:  Matthew Holt (@Boltyboy), Co-chair, Health 2.0 (@Health2con), Publisher, The Healthcare Blog 

12:50: Jay Parkinson, MD MPH (@JayParkinson), CEO Sherpaa Health (@SherpaaHealth)

1:00PM: End of broadcast series

As we all know, ‘shift happens‘ especially when 42k+ peeps collide at an event of HiMSS’s scale, so we expect some real time schedule adjustments due to late arrivals, over-runs and outright ‘oops’ moments, i.e., ‘I [or my handlers] forgot’. We’ll flex with the experience and may have some time for ad hoc interviews. So you may want to hover around the booth during broadcast schedule in the event any slots open!

PR reps take note: We’ll be ‘periscoping‘ and live tweeting during each session and will have our cameras trained on the event for simulcast video recording of the broadcast. In addition several guests will be invited to sit for a 10 minute video interview to stream via PrecisionMedicine.Center, ACOwatch, CMIOchat, PopHealth Week or Health Innovation Media video library, as thematically appropriate. We welcome your support and contribution to the #HiMSS16 digital footprint!

See you in Vegas! And remember:

…what happens in Vegas stays on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram and Youtube!




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