LIVE from @HiMSS 2016 | Meet Terrie Masters @amTerrie

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

What a treat! During our filming at HiMSS 2016 in Las Vegas and due to some determination by my 84 year old mother, Terrie Masters (@amTerrie), to ‘hook-up with the crew‘ we had occasion to talk with her and hear about her journey into patient advocacy, women’s health, aging and chronic disease management. As a cancer survivor and now pure plant food evangelist she has quite the story to tell! In a sound sound-byte, here it is:

You can reverse chronic disease at 84! 

In this brief chat, my colleague and co-host at Health Innovation Media Douglas Goldstein (@eFuturist) gains some insights into what this determined ‘senior‘ has learned during her journey on this planet with more than her share of ‘encounters‘ and might we add unintelligible EOBs generated by our challenged health system. Initially attracted to attend this massive gathering to convene with other members of The Walking Gallery by invitation from HiMSS staff John Sharp (@JohnSharp), my Mom moved right in and navigated her way in and amongst the 41,000 plus conference attendees.

She had a message for the EPIC executives regarding user experience with MyChart at UC San Diego Health System, yet none of the representatives showed interest nor made time to speak with her. Apparently an 84 year old women doesn’t meet the profile of a prospect to engage?


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