Context is King. Without It. We’re Just Templates!

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Having witnessed (and stirred the pot) decade after decade of period specific ‘innovation efforts‘ failure (to achieve the triple aim), I had the recent opportunity to attend and selectively capture content at the one of the ‘survivors‘ of what some may consider a ‘sunk cost’ era in our previous efforts to restrain the insatiable appetite of the volume driven ‘healthcare borg’.

While much attention is placed on the strategy moves of the ‘big guys’. i.e., Aetna’s acquisition of Humana, Anthem’s $54 billion purchase of Cigna, etc., there is another universe of players who have been at it a while. Meet AAPAN (the American Association of Payors, Administrators and Networks) the parent Association of AAPHO (American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations) and TPAAA (Third Party Administrator Association of America) and (see: ‘Hey, Remember IPAs, PPOs and TPAs‘).

In this session Mandi Bishop (aka @mandibpro) Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences (aka @DellHealth) Health Plan Analytics Practice Lead speaks to the power of context to better understand and serve a health plan or self funded employers groups’ members or ‘covered lives’. A great talk Mandi! Love the quote:

Context is king. Without context we’re all templates Mandi Bishop





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