HiMSS 2015: A Retrospective

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

When 45k+ peeps gather and sometimes collide in the ‘quantum sense‘ amidst the broader context of ‘entanglement‘ despite the efforts of the ego to keep us separated (i.e., we are all connected) there are many moments, often frozen in time. Some of them memorable. Some not what they appear to be. Yet, all happening in real time and an undeniable existential part of the human experience.

At these events, I’m the older (surfer) dude carrying the video camera gear, producing video, taking stills, tweeting and often connecting and laughing with others while we learn and stay educated (and sometime lead) the tectonic ‘value’ shifts underway in the healthtech and connect health space.

This is a mashup of still from HiMSS 2015 in Chicago. I’ve tagged peeps with their twitter handles as often as I can remember their handles.



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