Health Innovation Media to Broadcast Live at HiMSS16 from Conversa Health Booth

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

HiMSS16_2012 lookback
@praxagora chats with @agropper

The digital media footprint we laid down in New Orleans for HiMSS 2013 still resonates today. Before the flood of ‘me too’ players entered the new media space, we’ve been trail blazing the ‘association model’ of putting twitterati on camera as subject matter experts interviewing their peers.

We’re not your typical journalists who follow the healthcare or healthtech space with a ‘mile wide and inch thick’ handle on the beat they’re assigned to cover. We’re subject matter experts who have managed hospitals, health systems (academic, faith based or proprietary), medical groups, IPAs, PHOs, and the JV MSOs designed to launch innovation and disrupt legacy healthcare inertia with P&L accountability. We’re keynote speakers, session moderators, group process facilitators, entrepreneurs and some of the best bloggers in the space!

@boltyboy chats with @s57benchodor

Better yet, we’re the best in class in deploying social media tools across the platform spectrum from audio, to video, to live streaming, twitter and micro-channels including ACOwatch, CMIO Chat and Precision Medicine, and care only about your company, its message, relevance and value proposition as an enabler of the triple aim. We do not sponsor conferences, we amplify them!

And because all work and no play is a contributor to the chronic disease burden, we’re also known as the ‘#Pinksocks media crew cuz this stuff has to be fun in order to add value!

For the 2013 stream click here. You’ll see the likes of Matt Holt @BoltyBoy, Ben Chodor @s57BenChodor Andy Oram @praxagora, and yours truly @2healthguru. These interviews while dated will give your a feel for the ambiance of the event, as well as excellent benchmarks to track industry progress, stagnation or decline.

@nversel interviews @jonathan_bush

This year we’re delighted to announce our co-location’ with our friends and colleagues at Conversa Health, specifically my co-host at This Week in Health Innovation and co-founder of Conversa Health Phil Marshall, MD, @PhilMarshallMD who also serves as their Chief Product Officer.

We’ll be streaming our ‘Live from HiMSS16‘ series on This Week in Health Innovation (day one, day two, day three, and day four) with up to two (2) hours of guest interview broadcasts daily. The schedule is coming together as we speak and you can expect to hear from some of the most dynamic thought leaders, health policy wonks and entrepreneurs leading the volume to value transformation.

Meanwhile, do check out the live stream from 2013, here.



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