Exponential Medicine Descends Upon San Diego Once Again

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

From ‘the hive’ at TEDMED 2014 in the beautiful San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, I met up with principal curator and visionary behind the Exponential Medicine series (fka ‘FutureMed) Daniel Kraft, MD.

Do yourself a favor, and be sure to follow Daniel on twitter via @daniel_kraft. For more information on Exponential Medicine checkout the program description here.

Daniel, pediatric oncologist and former fighter pilot (among only a handful of his impressive credentials) is a talented keynote speaker with a pulse on the emerging digital health economy including the all important gateway criteria of whether there’s a there, there – i.e., what kind of uptake can one expect from the explosions of innovation enabled by what some may consider an overheated digital health market.



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