Health 2.0 Fall Conference 2014: A Chat with Bill Kelly CEO @ReelDx

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

From the floor at Health 2.0 Fall Conference, I caught up with Bill Kelly Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of ReelDx.

Bill is an experienced and successful entrepreneur in publishing and health informatics. A founder of Sapient Health Network and WebMD.

According to many social media strategists (see: 6 Reasons Tour Social Media Strategy Needs Video) effective video is a must have option in a company’s (including the vendors or suppliers who support their ecosystem participation) portfolio of messaging and customer engagement efforts. ReelDx seems to be carving a niche for their brand and recently announced a venture in association with the Doctors Channel (see: The Doctor’s Channel Partners with ReelDx to Bring Real Video Patient Interactions to The Doctor’s Channel Platform‘). 

For more about ReelDx, per their website:

ReelDx was founded by David Spiro and Bill Kelly in 2013. David had first recognized the power of recording video of patient-doctor interactions while on faculty at Yale. Bill, who had co-founded the companies that became WebMD, and, recognized a disruptive healthcare IT opportunity. Together with Nick Adkins and Andrew Richards, the team developed the vision of ReelDx: to provide an easy to use, secure, HIPAA-compliant platform for creating, storing, and sharing medical video.Real patient videos have many applications — accurate and infinitely re-playable patient discharge instructions, allowing video recorded by parents of their child’s symptoms to be included in the EHR, enabling EMS personnel to efficiently record the accident scene for the benefit of the ER doctors, and curating libraries of real cases for medical education. These are just some of the many applications for secure medical storage.

ReelDx is enabling all of these and more by solving the core problems of video in the clinical environment: security and HIPAA compliance, storage and efficient sharing, and reliable and easy playback on any device. ReelDx is a powerful platform for clinical video creation, storage, and sharing.

Follow the company via their twitter handle @ReelDx.

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