Dr Danny Sands on DigitalHealth Hype at Health2con

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

As the director, producer and editor (and occasional host) of HealthInnovation Media segments I more often than not stand behind the camera and handle most of the post production touches to the interviews produced. The latter is something I really enjoy as the ‘magic’ of the ‘messaging moment’ can often be enhanced by timely video cuts, interview content prompts, sound track bytes or images strategically placed into the timeline.

This clip is one where some genuine chemistry emerges between two colleagues and domain experts in the digital health innovation space, my co-host and partner in HealthInnovation Media Douglas Goldstein aka @efuturist, and Dr. Danny Sands (@DrDannySands) who among his long list of content and ‘street cred’ line items he recently added Chief Medical Officer of the innovative digital health checkup company Conversa Health.

This is a great chat with both insights and humor but an honest assessment of where the industry stands at the 8th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference.





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