PopUp Studio: HLTH 2019 Interviews

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

This year at the 2nd HLTH Conference vendor, supplier and startup ecosystem stakeholders including a generous representation from both the health system and health plan community created quite the buzz. HLTH seems to have replaced the passion, excitement and vision typically associated with the Health 2.0 annual meeting held in Santa Clara.

Health Innovation Media in collaboration with our partner HealthcareNOW Radio set up our signature ‘pop-up studio‘ adjacent to Care.ai an innovative AI platform delivering ‘autonomous monitoring‘ in both the acute and sub-acute (LTPAC) care settings.

[Editor’s Note: ‘Harnessing the Power of AI to Achieve the Triple Aim – The Time is Now‘ and ‘It’s All About #HLTH2019‘]

Assisted by co-host colleagues Nick van Terheyden, MD aka ‘Dr. Nick’ and Douglas Goldstein @eFuturist, we engaged 26 thought leaders, innovators and key executives from a range of companies’ gaining vital insights into vision, strategy and emerging case studies associated with AI in health deployments.

Some of the luminaries included: Patrice Harris, MD, President of the American Medical Association, Jonathan Bush, former CEO, AthenaHealth and current Executive Chairmen of FireFly Health, Daniel J. Durand, MD, Chief Innovation Officer at Lifebridge Health, Daniel Kraft, MD, physician, scientist and curator of the Exponential Medicine conference, Deanne Kasim, Executive Director for Health Policy at Change Healthcare, Harlan Levine, MD, President, Strategy and Business Ventures at the City of Hope and Joy Bhosai MD MPH, Chief of Digital Health Strategy, Duke Clinical Resarch Institute.



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