It’s All About #HLTH2019

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH and Douglas Goldstein

Though a relative newcomer to the health innovation space, from digital health to healthIT and health-tech including business model innovation, HLTH has made a dent in the universe in its only second year since launch in 2018.

Amidst a crowded innovation conference circuit including top of mind curators such as TEDMED, Exponential Medicine, and the originator if not the once(?) ‘granddaddy’ showcase in the space Health 2.0., HLTH seems to be attracting a talented audience of faculty, keynote speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and participants from most if not all of sectors in the healthcare innovation space suitable for hospital, health system, health plan, physician network or medical group executives including the supply and vendor chain developing and selling products and services into the broader ecosystem.

This year, one of the track’s of noteworthy interest for many including this author is the AI (artificial intelligence) or Machine Learning (ML) space.

Health Innovation Media will be interviewing and featuring thought leaders and entrepreneurs on site from various locations including the co-location our Pinksocks ”pop-up studio” in the Care.AI booth #713: is emerging from ‘stealth mode’ and we expect they’ll be breaking material news on the most “advanced artificial intelligence platform in healthcare” as well as the impressive partner ecosystem they’ve assembled.

The big news is the announcement: Collaborates with Google to Launch AI-Powered Autonomous Monitoring Platform on the Edge‘. When one couples the ecosystem partnership with the recent announcement by Google that former HHS official Karen DeSalvo, MD has been appointed as Google’s first health officer (see: ‘Google appoints former Obama health official Karen DeSalvo to new chief health officer role‘) one can only speculate with interest how this seasoned and dynamic health leader will fuse AI into population health mandates that leverage and move the needle of the triple aim – better experience of care, better outcomes and lower per capita costs.

For a preview of the company, and a taste of what’s to come check out the video below:

For a deeper dive checkout: Harnessing the Power of AI to Achieve the Triple Aim – The Time is Now’ with links to HLTH’s AI track and participating companies.

For those health system or health plan executives who are actively pursuing and vetting AI vendors for best in class platforms, we’re interested in potentially interviewing you for your thoughts on ‘autonomous monitoring’, i.e., what you’re seeing, where you’re at in your AI consideration or implementation glide-path and where you see the sector heading in the near to intermediate term.

NOTE: Ping me on twitter via @2healthguru if you have a use case or unique vision and want face time in front of the camera to tell the story with guided expert engagement via Douglas Goldstein the @eFuturist or Nick van Terheyden, MD aka ‘Dr. Nick‘.

We’ll be at HLTH beginning Sunday October the 27th though Thursday, October 30th.

Let’s build awareness of the upside of the sector and who is leading the space with vision, partnerships and platform innovation.


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