#Health2con: The Fall Classic About to Gather in Santa Clara for 10th Year

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Health Innovation Media has been covering Health 2.0 aka the ‘grandaddy of the health innovation movement‘ conferences since 2009 – and have the T-shirts and media badges to prove it. Before the flood of ‘me too’ gatherings which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty (you know who you are!) there was and remains this vibrant now global community of innovators, visionaries and risk takers.

In honor of it’s 10 the anniversary I decided to pull a piece together featuring my colleague and co-host Douglas Goldstein aka @eFuturist. While not captured at Health 2.0, this clip is from the mHealth Summit 2015 re-branded as the Connected Health Summit. This is vintage Doug (industry expert, operator and keynote speaker) and what exhibitors can expect if we show up at your booth!

Ping either of us on twitter if you have a product, platform or process that materially moves the needle in a way, i.e., enables the triple aim, whether app, platform, business model or service.

The hashtag for the event is #health2con. Make sure you tag your tweets appropriately!



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