In Memoriam: ‘UnicornJess’

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH


Ross Martin’s touching song honoring the life of Jess Jacobs inspired committing his music to a photo mashup of Jess’ s short but impactful life. I hope this rendition provides the family with some solace given the tragic loss of their brave and amazing daughter.

The piece is developed with deepest sadness to the family, but in gratitude for the opportunity to have known this beautiful soul.

NOTE: There is movement in play for a permanent honoring of Jess and her mission to make healthcare more patient centered and accountable especially for the ‘Unicorns’ among us, i.e., rare disease or idiopathic conditions particularly when more than one rare condition piles on the patient and the provider community leans into the ‘not my problem‘ (NMP) mode. One expression is the creation of the blog UnicornJess (coming soon). More to come shortly.

For more on Jess see: RIP Jess Jacobs including her interview at xx in health 2013 in Washington, D.C. and just several articles or blog posts honoring her life.



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