The Great Debate: Telemedicine and the Lonestar State

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH


Last year Reed Tuckson, MD (@DrReedTuckson), newly installed President of the American Telemedicine Association (@AmericanTelemed) spoke with my colleague and co-host at Health Innovation Media Nick Adkins, MBA (@NickReelDx), Chief Operating Officer, ReelDx (@ReelDx), an asynchornous provider of telehealth services, indicating:

Not only is the time now [for Telemedicine], but now is our time! Reed Tuckson, MD

As we’re poised for the 2016 gathering of ATA in Minneapolis, the session above perhaps frames best the key regulatory headwinds Telemedicine and Telehealth providers face in at least three states in the U.S. before the service can be mainstreamed into medicine.

Considering this industry has been incubating at least since the 70s, the path in not yet clear and issues remain including the value proposition relative to the tripartite triple aim as well as a litany of safety, security and reliability concerns. Additionally the Teladoc v. Texas Medical Board lawsuit enables a unique lens into which many of these issues can be defined, vetted and perhaps resolved. Further the initial public reporting of this market leading Telehealth provider, see: ‘Must Listen JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Webcasts: Teladoc‘ enables key results reporting and provides further context on the industry and its maturation.

Finally for ATA’s 2016 update see ‘State Telemedicine Gap Analysis: Coverage and Reimbursement‘.





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