Live From @HiMSS 2016: Meet John Mattison MD @johnemattison

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH


…buzzwords –  patient centric, consumer centric, patient activation – they sell really well, but miss the point of what constitutes the human conditionJohn Mattison MD

As we tip toe into the brave new world of value based healthcare or as some would say part deux of the provider risk (partial, global, bundled or other capped payment basis) assumption era (remember the 90s blood bath?), most recognize the innovation and leadership modeled by Kaiser Permanente (@kpshare), California regions. Perhaps oft mentioned as the most recognizable in the IDN (integrated delivery network) cohort, there are peers including Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Health, Cleveland Clinic and a host of hybrids including Advocate Health, Sutter Health and Dignity Health systems.

During our broadcast series we were privileged to spend time with John Mattison, MD (@johnemattison), the Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) who also sports the Chief Health Information Officer (CHIO) moniker for Kaiser Permanente Southern California. If that were not enough of a plate of enterprise innovation, John also ‘carries the water‘ of Assistant Medical Director for the region as well.

John is consistently one of the top and most articulate voices in the clinical informatics space often keynoting at trophy events of national and global thought leader gatherings. In this chat my colleague, Douglas Goldstein (@eFuturist), co-host, Health Innovation Media gains insight into the shallow nature of the buzzwords that oft serve as weapons of mass deception as we collectively innovate healthcare delivery and financing via tech platforms and tools. John is an advocate of a return to basics, simplicity and ancient wisdom.



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