The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

On the day before Thanksgiving we spoke with Regina Holliday  (@ReginaHolliday) to get updated on her work and plans for the near term including a conference to be hosted in her rural Maryland location timed with ‘Health Datapalooza’ or its re-branded version in 2015 and the current crowdfund listing for The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing, see Neil Versel’s (@nversel) ‘Holliday’s ‘Walking Gallery’ Seeks MedStartr Cash for Healing Center‘ in @Forbes.

On the broadcast I was joined by my co-host Dr. Phil Marshall (@PhilMarshallMD) for what was a collegial and thoughtful exchange on EHRs, Meaningful Use and the state of the U.S. connected health backbone.

For direct link to Medstartr listing for The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing, click here or on the thumbnail below:

Medstartr_The Walking Gallery2

Some notable tweets included: 

Having a wonderful discussion today on #twihi with @ReginaHolliday …see #thewalkinggallery and listen in:

Cool @ReginaHolliday signed ‘giant release’ with @KPShare to ‘talk about her as their patient..’ Few know about this… #TWiHI

What’s wrong with this picture? 350+ jackets & only 37 backers. #TWiHI

Of 350+ jackets in #TheWalkingGallery @ReginaHolliday painted 310 (?)! She needs help tweepls! Support via #TWiHI

as do all of us with jackets. #thewalkinggallery Center for Arts & Healing is for all of us @ReginaHolliday

A 5% threshold a very low bar for uptake of #EHRs [paraphrased] @ReginaHolliday #TWiHI

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