A ‘Timely’ HiMSS Retrospective: CMIO Insights c/o @DirkStanley

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Following an evening twitter exchange, I had the opportunity to search for and review an interview from HiMSS 2013 in ‘the big easy’ with a community hospital physician, CMIO and early adopter of social media technologies.  A talented, articulate and forward thinking physician who’s placed himself squarely in the ‘white waters’ of e-connectivity of physicians at community hospitals. That person is Dirk Stanley, MD, MPH  (@DirkStanley) a passionate physician with a veritable heart of gold and soldier in the cause of connected health.

And there is much more to the ‘heart of gold’ story that tethers to his compelling ‘on the ground’ experience at ‘ground zero’ during 9/11. But more on point with this clip is the ‘Houston We Have A Problem‘ narrative opined in 2010 which now seems to have gained more traction as the HITECH incentives are winding down and chaos appears to be winding its way into the national EHR debate while the ‘musical chairs’ churn that began with Lygeia Ricciardi’s resignation at ONC picks up steam.

This interview was created in 2013 and previews the very widespread disaffection that was developing years ago given the known issues with lack of interoperability, workflow disruption and training/educational challenges by hospital medical staffs.

Dirk blogs at ‘DirkMD – Fre CMIO Perspective‘.

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