WISH 2018 The World Innovation Summit for Health

by Gregg A.  Masters, MPH

It’s just 15 hours +/- 25 minutes or so by direct flight (I flew on Qatar Airways – amazing food and exceptional service especially when compared to U.S. domestic carriers) from Los Angeles International Airport to Doha, Qatar (pronounced kah-tar).

Once the internal bio-clock adjusts to an initial dis-orientation (a flip) of a + 11 hour time zone shift, one is welcomed to Doha by a culture steeped in a tradition of courtesy and service, amidst a towering series of skyscrapers clustered in Doha City.

My time in Doha was by invitation to attend and report on certain events planned at the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) Summit running Tuesday and Wednesday, November 13th and 14th, 2018.

Live Stream

There will be a live stream. WISH intends to stream select content below:

Follow tweets via #WISH2018 or #WISHQatar2018. The former digital dashboard is here.

Details on WISH note:

Around 2000 healthcare experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and ministers from over 100 countries will gather in Doha, Qatar, on November 13-14 as ONE community to collaboratively work to achieve ONE goal: a healthier world. 

WISH 2018 reflects the vision of the World Innovation Summit for Health, which is to build a healthier world through global collaboration. At WISH 2018 delegates will have the opportunity to openly share, collaborate and innovate in order to advance innovation in healthcare. 

Join us on November 13-14 to explore some of the world’s most exciting innovations, to delve into new evidence-based ideas and practices, to forge new connections and to contribute to the development of fresh insights that will help shape health policy around the world for years to come. 

This year’s program includes panel discussions on a wide range of topics pertaining to some of the world’s most pressing healthcare issues, such as eye health, precision medicine and anti-microbial resistance. You will also have an opportunity to explore the WISH Innovation Hub and meet with global health experts and innovators. To check out this year’s program, click here.

Access all information including past WISH sessions, here.

The WISH agenda is organized into the 9 themes below:

WISH is featuring a series of start-up companies via their showcase, including:

  • WATIF Health Portal: a chronic disease decision management portal.
  • The VeinTrain Vein Flatpack Training System: a ‘flat-pack’ tool that enables practical simulation core training.
  • TrustCircle: addresses one of the greatest healthcare challenges our society faces today – the decline in emotional well-being.
  • Tilapia skin burn bandage: a frugal and effective option to treat patients with second- and third-degree burns.
  • Aravind Eye Care System: providing eye care to remotely-based populations via telemedicine-enabled Vision Centers to better meet health needs of remote populations.
  • TechTeb: an Uber-like mobile app for booking healthcare in-house visits according to geographical location.
  • SyntheSci: provides instant data location and intelligent integration of scientific research findings. It finds evidence-informed answers at the click of a mouse.
  • SubQ Assist: a task-shifting medical device that simplifies the administration of long-acting contraceptive implants.
  • Healthy.io: the first company to turn the smartphone camera into a regulatory approved clinical device.
  • SeeDo: technology offers an early intervention for deaf children from 1-7 years of age that brings about remarkable change in their lives.
  • Proximie: an innovative reality platform allowing doctors to virtually transport themselves into any clinical setting to collaborate, train, teach and support other surgeons and medical experts.
  • Pristina Dueta™: the first wireless remote-control device that allows patients to control their own breast compression during a mammogram with the guidance of a technician.
  • One Three Biotech: an artificial intelligence-driven platform that combines over 25 different types of biological, chemical and clinical data to quickly and accurately identify new potential drugs and predict their mechanisms.
  • On call: antibiotics (OcA): the first electronic health game for computer and mobile devices dedicated to improving antimicrobial prescribing behaviors in hospital prescribers.
  • One Medical: a tech-enabled primary care delivery system with over 70 offices across 8 markets in the United States.
  • HydrUStent: a biodegradable, antibacterial and tailor-made stent with patent protection. HydrUStent reduces the risk of bacterial infection, while also decreasing the number of surgical procedures by half and cutting treatment cost by 60%.
  • Himachal Tele Emergency Project: In partnership with the local Department of Health and Family Welfare, Apollo Hospital’s Himachal Tele-Emergency Project provides affordable, quality urgent care services to communities in isolated regions of hostile climate.
  • Electronic-Urban Primary Health Centers (eUPHC): provides comprehensive healthcare and a spectrum of specialist services, such as cardiology, orthopedics, endocrinology and medicine through telemedicine systems in India.
  • Crispvision eye test kits: affordable and accessible sight-saving kits used to detect eye defects, correct farsightedness, and monitor debilitating eye diseases, such as cataract, onchocerciasis and trachoma.
  • Coordinate My Care (CMC): a clinical service underpinned by a digital solution. It provides an advance care planning process that empowers clinicians to create quality urgent care plans, transforming care for all vulnerable patients, and delivering improved quality at a reduced cost.


Do follow companies’ participating in the WISH Showcase via twitter handles: @watifhealth @AravindEye @techteb #SubQAssist @_UMGHDI @Healthyio1 @SeeDorobot @ProximieAR @GEHealthcare @OneThreeBiotech #Oncallantibiotics @imperialcollege @onemedical #HydrUstent @Abarros27 @ApolloTeleMed @eunaudoha @trustcircle  

More information on WISH can be found in an impressive forum faculty and chair line-up and the program schedule.



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