HiMSS 2015 a 206 Second Tour!

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Producing relevant, timely and quality digital content – whether word (blog, website or micro-blogging aka twitter), video (recorded or live) or audio (live or podcasted) takes both time and commitment.

In the vast healthcare ecosystem – sometimes affectionately referred to as ‘the healthcare borg’ – there seems to be an endless stream of conferences perhaps tethered at some level to the hierarchical structure of organized (some might say dis-organized) medicine as reflected by the 24 member American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), which slices and dices the attention span of it medical labor pool and in turn drives the culture and chasis of the medical industrial complex from doc to lab technologist.

Graft onto this multi-layered structure the many overlapping if not cross silo interests associated with the likes of digital medicine, telemedicine or telehealth, genomic medicine, precision medicine, health information technology or ‘mHealth’ and you add volumes to the digital rivers created by conference organizers each clamoring for relevance in their chosen space.

I had intended to author several takeaway pieces wrapped around the many interviews we conducted at HiMSS 2015, but time and competing interests elsewhere have precluded my ability to deliver at least to this point in time.

The interviews will be produced and published over time, but in the gap here is a 206 second tour of HiMSS 2015 with many cameo appearances of social media savvy participants including many I am honored to call friends.

Cameo appearances @RasuShrestha @HealthyThinker @eFuturist @Ahier @HealthcareWen @WestShell3 @PhilMarshallMD @Validic @JeanAnneBooth @UnaliWear @Ascension @Cerner @DrNic1 @SJDMD and more.



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