5 Days in Chi*Town

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Well, we did it again! As in ‘survived’ that experience known as ‘HiMSSanity‘ one more time.

And this time ‘we’ set another record for the MASSIVE (according to the good folks at @Symplur) digital footprint of 393,017,884 impressions via 82,990 tweets generated by 14,714 participants, averaging 692 tweets per hour (see below)

HiMSS 2015 Influencerscreated by some 35% of the total HiMSS crowd – which is a story in its own-right as social media (especially twitter) continues to grow in importance to the healthcare sector writ large and the conference circuit in particular.

The we in this case includes the soph0more class of the HiMSS ‘Social Media Ambassador’ program (for introductions, click here via @JaniceMcCallum).

The attendance at HIMSS 2015 popped by more than 5,000 to 43,129 vs. the 38,000+ attendees in 2o14. So despite the acrimony, second guessing in certain quarters and growing disaffection with the value prop of HealthIT to it’s end users, apparent interest remains in the promise of HealthIT to advance the triple aim and ‘fix’ healthcare.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.23.23 AMMy first video share is with @ReginaHolliday who has a message for @CMSgov, @ONC_HealthIT, health advocates, activists and centers on the decision by CMS to ‘flex’ the rules [albeit in a NPRM “Notice of Proposed Rule Making” version] on meaningful use from the relatively low threshold of 5% to a ‘one patient’ standard, see stories ‘Mostashari wants ‘day of action’ for widespread patient access to recordsandElectronic Health Record Incentive Program-Modifications to Meaningful Use in 2015 through 2017 Proposed Rule‘.

There are two sides to this argument, which I will elaborate on in a separate post, meanwhile here is Regina’s ‘raw’ as in unedited or industry-speak event ‘rushes’ (p.s. I am soon to convert to Adobe’s Premiere [cloud based] platform finally caving to Jonathan Bush’s ‘death to software‘ theme at HiMSS 2o13):


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