HiMSS 2015: A Context Lens from HiMSS 2013

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

When we launched at HiMSS 2013 one of the services provided was live streaming from the
The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in N’olans, a feed that generated over 270,000 viewer minutes and a clip retention average of 17 minutes. So I thought if looking forward and gaging the present is assisted by ‘where we’ve come from’ especially in a 24/7/365 sound byte media economy, then taking a look back might serve some useful purpose. Ergo, I repost the live feed below. Watch as many of your favorite social media personalities engage thought leaders in the continuing conversation of both the upside and lingering challenges associated with a new healthcare ecosystem leveraged by the promise of ubiquitous electronic connectivity. Bottom-line? We’re not there yet, but progress can be cited.


Enjoy this feed and use it as a contextual benchmark or reference to vet the ‘output’ generated via the updated gathering in Chicago beginning April 12th – 16th 2015.

Thanks to my colleagues who enabled this content for public access principally Nate DiNiro aka @uncleNate of @OpenAffairs TV!

For history and the genesis of Health Innovation Media see: ‘5 Days in March: A Tale of Independent Media Passion, Determination and Agility which lays out the vision and collaboration including the ‘three shoestrings’ of massive sweat equity it took to launch the enterprise.

And from the ‘About’ tab:

HIBCtv is an independent association of journalists, media producers & bloggers laying the foundation for a sustainable, independent health innovation channel.

‘We’ve joined forces to organize and produce quality programming, and we launched at the HIMSS 2013 Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans Louisiana! Coverage of the healthcare industry and major health information technology conferences is forthcoming… especially with your support! We’re laying the foundation to make HIBC.tv a sustainable, independent media and broadcast resource.t Lens from HiMSS 2013.’

Three years later we’re still going principally on the horse power and vision of Douglas Goldstein aka @efuturist and yours truly aka @2healthguru. My founding colleagues are busy elsewhere being useful to the cause of re-engineering a healthcare ecosystem that works for all of us!





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