Meet ‘Precision Medicine’ Specialist Florence Comite MD

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

All righty then… I’m in the healthcare space for 3+ decades and haven’t been to a doc in 10+ years. As my son says: ‘my health is my health insurance’, which is a line I’ve hijacked for my own narrative – though there’s a bit more of a story there.

So when I shared that little known fact of my life with Dr. Comite she immediately put a book in my hand which she wrote titled: ‘Keep It Up: Your Health. Your Body, Your Energy and Your Strength’ then promptly walked me to the Theranos Booth in the Hive at TEDMED San Francisco for a ‘micro blood draw.’

In this clip we learn more about ‘precision medicine’ and what it has to offer for all, but especially men in my demographic who want to assure quality active living well into the ‘senior years’.



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