Gregg Masters, MPH – Founder & Managing Director

Consistently recognized by his industry peers as a thought leader and pioneer in healthcare social media via @2healthguru, and included in several industry publications such as the Top 100 Voices in Health Information Technology by Health Data Management, Healthcare IT news ‘HealthIT 100 2012, and Fiercehealth IT ’8 More Faces to Follow in Healthcare Social Media

Gregg coaches clients through strategic and operational best practices of interactive digital media technologies. He’s a specialist in the visioning, design and implementation of client branded online identities, messaging and engagement strategies, deploying a portfolio of tools and/or platforms suitable to budgets from ‘lean’ to robust turnkey private labeling. 

When the Health Information Management Systems Society (HiMSS) launched their innovative Social Media Ambassador (SMA) program in 2014, Gregg was selected in both it’s inaugural class of 2014 and also tagged in 2015 to serve. As stewards and conversational curators, SMA’s are considered key influencers in the healthcare, health tech and health information technology sectors.

As a seasoned c-suite executive for hospitals (community and academic), parent health systems (proprietary and tax exempt) and affiliate JVs (PHOs, MSOs, IPAs and provider sponsored health plans) Gregg publishes, and produces several Internet radio programs including: ‘This Week in Health Innovation,PopHealth Week with co-founder and co-host Fred Goldstein, and ‘This Week in Accountable Care’ all ‘go-to’ resources for trends, developments and insights into the healthcare transformational theater.

Fred Goldstein, MS – Co-host, Health Innovation Media, President, Accountable Health, LLC

Fred Goldstein (@fsgoldstein) is the founder and president of Accountable Health, LLC, a healthcare consulting firm focused on population health and a member of the Graduate Faculty at the John D. Bower School of Population Health at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. 

Fred serves on the Editorial Boards of the Population Health Management journal, Population Health News and Best Practices Review Panel, Institute for Medicaid Innovations, Medicaid Health Plans of America, and is a seated  Judge for the Health Value Awards, World Health Care Congress. Fred is a Co-Founder and Lead Co-host, PopHealth Week

He has over 30 years of experience in population health, disease management, HMO and hospital operations. He is an expert in population health, care management, risk management, value-based care, employer-based health plans, HIT and health system design and development.  

During his career, he founded a disease management company that provided services to 11 State Medicaid programs and numerous employer groups, operated an HMO that was ranked the highest quality Medicaid Health Plan in Florida, developed an award winning mobile health app and worked with employers to improve the health of their employees and lower the costs of healthcare. He was also directly responsible for the inclusion of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit in the Affordable Care Act.

Nick van Terheyden, MD – Co-host, Health Innovation Media, Managing Director & Strategist, Incremental Healthcare

Dr Nick (@DrNic1) is an independent expert and leader in Digital Healthcare and Sustainable Innovation. He brings a distinctive blend of medical practice and business strategy both national and international, to the realm of healthcare technology.  

Dr Nick is not just an ordinary medical Doctor but an innovator whose passion is driven by his career and training as a physician, helping others, transferring knowledge and working collaboratively at the intersection of healthcare, technology and human behavior. 

Dr. Nick brings a distinctive blend of medical practitioner and business strategist, both national and international, to the realm of digital healthcare technology. A graduate of the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University of London, he is a pioneering creator in the evolution of healthcare technology.

After several years as a medical practitioner in London and Australia, he joined an international who’s who in healthcare, academia and business, in the development of the first electronic health record in the early 1990’s and later, as a business leader in one of the first speech recognition companies. His rare combination of patience, creativity, skill and intrinsic business ethics has led him to a diverse career in healthcare with some of the most prestigious hospitals, consulting firms, and technology companies.

Douglas Goldstein – Co-host, Health Innovation Media, Principal @eFuturist

As the @eFuturistDoug Goldstein delivers insights on positive health transformation though innovation, collaboration and leadership. Doug serves as a reporter, editor and co-host for Health Innovation Media with his subject matter expertise in organizational development, emerging technologies and innovation acceleration.

As motivational speaker Doug energizes audiences as he delivers strategies how human ingenuity powered by big data analytics, digital and artificial intelligence can improve health and accelerate sustainable profitable growth.  As speaker his popular keynotes & workshops are: “Innovate Now, Smarter, and “We R Data – We R A.I.”

Doug is an executive leader and thought leader in applying technology intelligently and the author of 10 books and hundreds of articles on the subject.  Our upcoming book is “We R Data – We R A.I.” an interactive book on how Digital – Big Data – A.I. are next industrial revolution that is transforming our organizations and daily lives.

Lon Levin, BFA – Creative Director

Lon Levin (@Cre8tiveHouse,  @TIJournal) is an award winning illustrator and designer. A two time BFA awardee from Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles and the UCLA Fine Arts Program. Lon spent 25 years as a top creative director in the entertainment business working for such trophy nameplates including Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers and Saban Entertainment. 

He pioneered creatives for the then emerging web branding, marketing and related content requirements bridging traditional print and publishing media with the emerging digital economy. Lon innovated banner ads, websites, pop-ups, flash and more at the then best in class digital agency Rare Medium Group through acquisition of the Friedland-Jacobs Agency, Burbank California. 

Lon is the executive editor and co-publisher of the Illustrators Journal, and Ready Magazine – both online and print editions – and co-hosts This Week in the Arts, an internet radio show featuring top talent in the arts, served as President of BTS Communications, an affiliate of a faith-based behavioral health and 12 step recovery treatment center, and is co-founder of Digital Masters Media (DMM) an affiliate of Health Innovation Media.

He is a published author and children’s books illustrator.

Venue Specific Reporters & Co-hosts

We work with talented professionals in the industry and new media space. Our list of participating reporters or interview hosts have included: Neil Versel, Lygeia Ricciardi, Patricia Salber, MD, Ross Martin, MD, Matthew Holt, Ben Chodor and Jeanne Pinder.

4 thoughts on “Team

  1. Gregg,

    We create medical news shows currently geared towards consumers, and are working on a production model geared towards physicians. Our shows are physician created and delivered, filling a niche in medical news for both consumers and physicians.

    Currently we create 40 shows a month covering the latest medical research and public policy releases with a total of four physician anchors, two males and two females.

    Please have a look at some demos and contact me if you are interested in starting a discussion regarding distribution approaches. I am interested in your thoughts and any ideas regarding upgrading to physician specific shows.


    Robert R. Lazzara, M.D.

    1. Hi Bobby, viewed the video. Looks like you’re consumer facing? Is that correct? Do you have a B2B focus as well? Happy to chat and explore ways to collaborate? How to reach?

      My email is gregg(at)healthinnovationmedia(dot)com

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