‘Here, We Don’t Stop in the Name of Fear. Here, We Stop in the Name of Love’

Gregg A. Masters, MPH

I’ve often noted the need for agencies (ie, marketing, branding, PR and digital media companies) and other voices committed to facilitating the movement of the U.S. healthcare sector away from its production driven, ‘do more to earn more‘, fee-for-services business model to a value based (capitated or population based payment) formula to ‘pick your partners and start dancing’ (echoes of Leonard Schaeffer as he positioned Blue Cross of California’s pivot from a non-profit healthcare service plan to its current for-profit model (then WellPoint Health Networks, now Anthem).

Amidst the controversy – if not messaging warfare – of effective public health COVID-19 mitigation measures to ‘flatten the curve‘ via social distancing and shelter in place orders designed to slow the disease spread and not overwhelm limited acute and critical care capabilities, infrastructure and personal protective equipment (PPE), there are helpful and unhelpful narratives.

This is one of those agencies who’ve picked the correct message and means of delivering it to the public.

Major kudos to the Doner Agency!

As The Detroit Free Press notes:

The Detroit-based Doner ad agency has made a powerful statement on coronavirus safety measures that portrays staying at home in terms of strength.

Titled “When the Motor Stops,” the 1-minute spot posted on Doner’s TwitterFacebook and Instagram accounts shows black-and-white images of the Motor City at a standstill.

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