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by Gregg A. Masters, MPH & Nick van Terheyden MD

Ten plus years in to what some consider ‘top down’ (vs. ‘bottoms up’) artificial stimulation by HITECH/ARRA of a vendor/supplier ecosystem offering a range of ‘not ready for prime time‘ electronic health or medical records, we’re still searching for remedies to chronic user concerns and well documented interoperability issues, see: ‘Electronic Health Record (EHR) Safety and Usability. See What We Mean‘ published by Medstar Health National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare.

Our ‘pluralistic‘ American healthcare ‘non’-system is unique on a number of levels not the least of which is the 2-4x spend multiple when contrasted to other developed nations reporting to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Yet, the U.S. historically driven by it’s once ‘good ole yankee ingenuity’ (now increasingly of the imported/immigrant driven variety) has deep roots and legitimate claims to the title of the center of gravity of the innovation impulse.

To many, ‘American Exceptional-ism‘ means we can reliably innovate ourselves out of just about any social, economic or other national dilemma from climate change to fulfilling the promise of the triple aim (better experience of care, improved outcomes at lower per capita costs).

Enter The Voice Play: Will Voice Dominate HIMSS?

From desktops to keywords to now voice commands to remote or networked devices, smart phones or tethered i-Watches whether ingested by machine driven deep learning algorithms developed by Apple for SIRI, or ‘Ok Google’ for search or even the growing home or office ‘Alexa’ commands intent to make our lives easier, we’re well into the ‘IoT’ era where voice may just be the enabling equivalent of ‘digital capital’.

Health Innovation Media has been following and reporting from HIMSS since 2010. In 2013 we launched the first guerrilla new media operation wirelessly streaming live content from the Exhibit Hall to one-on-one interviews with top talent from our ‘pop-up studio‘, see: ‘5 Days in March: A Tale of Independent Media Passion, Determination and Agility‘.

This year thanks to Nuance, the leader in ‘conversational AI‘ for health, this will be our fourth year in row co-locating our pop-up studio on the floor in the HIMSS Exhibition Hall.

LIVE From HIMSS 2019

We’re broadcasting ‘LIVE From @HIMSS 2019‘ two hours per day, beginning Tuesday, February 12th from 11AM – 1PM and Wednesday, February 13th, from 1PM – 3PM. All times are Eastern.

The schedule of include:

Our studio will be hosted in the Nuance Communications booth #3345. The area floor plan is pasted below:

HIMSS Exhibition Floor Plan

Context for Nuance’s pivot to an ‘all in on conversational AI‘ in health can be found in recent presentation by Mark Benjamin, CEO to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference (NOTE: this link has time limited access and though free, registration may be required) in San Francisco and likely to be affirmed with management’s discussion of operating results during Nuance’s Q1 2019 results conference call, February 7th, 2019 5:00 PM ET, register here.

Meanwhile, Nuance announced their partnership with MEDITECH focusing on new AI-Powered Virtual Assistants for Healthcare building on years of experience to integrate their new virtual assistant into the clinician workflow to facilitate the clinicians patient interaction removing the data access drudgery and freeing the clinicians to focus on the patient.

Additionally, Nuance has issued the following:

First Quarter 2019 Results

Nuance Brings Virtual Assistant Technology to 300,000 Dragon Medical One Cloud Users

On LIVE From HIMSS 2019 we’ll be discussing these innovations and their application at the clinical work face with clinicians, users, experts and patients exploring the new world using voice to demystify technology and easing the learning and technical challenges long associated with electronic health records.

So will voice be the game changer in healthcare that brings the vision of the triple aim one step closer to the industry’s collective grasp? We think a pretty strong argument can be made here.


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