The 35th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Is ‘Open’ for Business

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

The public portal for registration and access to all #JPM17 events that are scheduled for webcasting and select Q&A’s is NOW open for business.

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Registration to this content rich streaming (which many other events charge hefty fees for) is free and easy and includes the agenda, keynotes, associated slide series, presenting companies (both private and emerging), including a favorite of mine the ‘non-profit’ track.

The reporting non-profit companies, many of whom have for profit venture companies and JVs include select trophy integrated delivery systems (IDNs) who are more often than not the defacto ‘uptake gatekeepers’ for innovation whether digital health, biotech, pharma, medical device or other delivery system and even financing innovation (think value based healthcare, bundles and ‘APMs’).

These trophy health systems discuss their market position, strategy, partnering and headwinds is a must follow event! The content is also TIME LIMITED, so the links will expire withing 60 days +/- of the close of the conference.

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Hashtags ‘Official’ vs. ‘Unofficial’

It’s worthy to note, this year JP Morgan has weighed into the social media scene via publishing an ‘official‘ hashtag for the venue as #JPMHC35.

Since Health Innovation Media has registered the unofficial‘ hashtag for 3 of the last 4 years, it noteworthy to see this ‘awakening‘. In all likelihood since JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is the defacto ‘anchor tenant‘ for what has become a much larger gathering including the BioTech Showcase, StartUp Health Festival, Health 2.0’s Wintertech Investor Conference and OneMed Forum including many others too numerous to mention, it will be interesting to see if the official hashtag gains traction from the ‘unruly‘ social media community.

Event Context

There are lots of eyeballs on JPM7 via print and online media. Here are a few we’ve found which may be of interest to you:

JPM17 Event Guides

There is so much going on that the ability to ‘clone’ oneself would be desireable. Absent that ability the next best thing are the ‘event guides’ published by various third parties including Big3Bio, MacDougall Biomedical Communications and Deloitte M&A. Click on icons below to open the respective guide.

Bottom Line

There will be something for everybody at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. The venue is not exclusive to the life sciences, biotech and pharma verticals. Following the webcasts remotely or sessions in person will allow you to access and learn from many of the presenting companies, typically market leaders in their space and include 501(c)3 non-profit health systems (Baylor Scott and White, Ascension Health, Sutter Health and Dignity Health) to publically traded health plans, including:  HealthNet now Centene, Aetna, and United Health Group.

Considering the range and depth of activities underway, and the many hashtags in play you may want to follow include: #DigMedShow #SUHFestival, #Wintertech #BiotechShowcase, #OneMedForum. Please add yours in the comment section!



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3 thoughts on “The 35th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Is ‘Open’ for Business

  1. I always find it amusing when a corporation tries to force what they believe an “official” hashtag should be. I actually much prefer Gregg’s hashtag as it has continuity from previous years, has already been widely used this year, and importantly uses fewer characters which is always an important consideration when creating a hashtag. So for me it is going to be #JPM17 and if J.P. Morgan’s communications team (which seems to be slowly somewhat getting their shit together) is wise they will be sure to monitor and participate using the “unofficial” hashtag or they will have the official and widely used #FAIL.

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