HiMSS 2016 Vegas Baby? Looking Forward Through A Rear View Mirror!

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

We’re on the clock for the countdown to HiMSS 2016 in the ‘what happens in Vegas gets tweeted, Facebooked and livestreamed, to which we now add ‘Periscoped, Blabbed and more‘. Since we launched in 2013 under the banner the ‘Health Innovation HIM-logo-FIN3-80Broadcast Consortium‘ (@HIBCtv) an association of bloggers, twitterati and crowd funders which has since disbanded in terms of its original founders – that tradition is carrying on albeit as Health Innovation Media. The same mission just a different cast of characters (see below).pinksocks comment

This will be my fifth (5) year attending and reporting from HiMSS which by many others’ standards makes me a relative ‘newbie’. Yet, this stage represents the largest concentration of healthIT, healthtech and digital health innovation players vying for a piece of connected healthcare ecosystem.

For conference specific information including registration options, click here, and the ‘schedule at a glance‘ resource here.

For am sample of prior year’s countdown series, click here, here and here.

We’ll be roaming the floors including the sometimes hard to find ‘start-up’ gene pool. Our ‘lens’ – if you will, is on healthIT or tech enabling accountable care, the triple aim, alternate payment models (APMs), telehealth, telemedicine, and the emerging Precision Medicine industry as well as innovation in service delivery and/or financing.

The hashtag is #HiMSS16, and the digital dahboard is here.

Follow the Health Innovation Media team via twitter handles: @efuturist, @fsgoldstein@2healthguru plus a variety of ad hoc guest host twitter personalities for this year’s ‘where’s Waldo’ tour, including #pinksocks posts.

See you there?


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