Exponential Medicine – Day 3

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

If like me you were not able to attend Exponential Medicine 2015 hosted by curator extraordinaire Daniel Kraft, MD, thanks to the innovators at GuideWell (follow on twitter via @_GuideWell) the parent company to Florida Blue (@FLBlue) and several others, get a flavor of it initially via raw livestream of the ‘GuideWell Insights Lounge‘ hosted by moderator Kate Warnock, Social media manager .

Daniel kicks off day three at the 26:10 mark followed by author, computer scientist, inventor, futurist and co-founder of Singularity University, Ray Kurzweil.

More to come from this amazing gathering of like minded innovators determined to make a difference in the advancement of medicine via technology.

For more information on Exponential Medicine check out the 2015 program here. For generous press coverage of the event, click here.




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