Care Innovations Hackfest 2015

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

The San Francisco Bay Area including it’s cousin to the South (Silicon Valley) is indisputably a vibrant cluster of tech innovation including an active cohort of startups chasing the promise of digital health apps, platforms and ‘consciousness’ to salvage a health system perilously at risk of implosion and enable the ‘triple aim’ – better experience of care, better health outcomes at lower per capita costs.

From the Health 2.0 Fall Conference to the UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation to the patient centric and according to HealthLoop co-founder Jordan Shlain MDthe premier conference for healthcare‘, Stanford based Medx.

Enter Care Innovations (follow on twitter via @CareInnovations) an Intel Health and Life Sciences /GE healthcare joint venture who’s sponsoring later this month ‘CIHACKFEST 2015’ on the campus of Stanford University’s Institute for Economic Policy Research.

Hack-a-thons, code-a-thons, competition or challenge oriented gatherings of like minded people determined to make a difference in the financing, delivery and even the aging insurance model of U.S. healthcare are gathering to enable healthcare disruptor’s present, define, refine, collaborate and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, mentors, industry executives and a potential network of channel if not financing partners.


Health Innovation Media principals including yours truly and my colleague and co-host Douglas Goldstein aka @eFuturist will be on site to capture, cover and amplify the event’s content, energy and principal themes. We’ll be interviewing key faculty, session leaders, team members and organizers of CIHACKFEST 2015 and posting images – possibly a periodic Periscope stream over the 2 1/2 day experience.

According to Care Innovations:

The Intel-GE Care Innovations Hackfest is a 2 ½ day event that challenges teams to come together to tackle some of healthcare’s most challenging problems. This year’s challenge is to ‘Redefine the Care Team’ by creating tools and solutions that help to enable collaboration between hospital, physicians, and those vested in patient outcomes.

For a taste of last year’s gathering check out the clip below:

The program agenda is here. Last year’s hackfest theme was ‘patient engagement’ and is recapped here.



The hashtag for twitter engagement is #CIHF15 and the digital dashboard is accessible here including key influencers top mentions, and reach (impression) metrics as well as a settings to pull single day or venue total session transcript.

The keynote line-up includes both and Paul Kusserown, President and CEO of Amedysis and Lynne McCullough MD, Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, UCLA Medical Center.

While the event is sold out, you can add your name to the wait-list in the event slots open up.




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