33rd Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

JPM15_home_registrationSince we’re poised for perhaps the trophy healthcare investor conference of 2015 – the 33rd Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, I thought I’d repost one or more earlier observations and link back to previous articles of interest that may provide context for benchmarking progress in digital health, accountable care or the generalized pursuit of a sustainable healthcare ecosystem via innovation – which the parties in interest to this gathering are presumptively championing.

JPM15_lineupIn years’ past JP Morgan has generously streamed via webcast select events. This is a good thing since access to the event is generally closely held, i.e., media credentials are very difficult to get.

This year apparently that access is being somewhat further limited according to Adam Feuerstein of TheStreet.com wherein he ‘outs’ a handful of players via ‘Public Shame for Biotechs Not Webcasting ‘JPM15’ Breakout Sessions.

Depending on the availability of the proceedings here are just a few of last year’s title pieces produced by the savvy healthcare analysts at JP Morgan that set the emerging zeitgeist for industry leadership:JPM15_home

And for relevant time-line context on ACOs or accountable care or the holy quest for health plan ‘morphogenesis’ (i.e., continuing ‘relevance’) see: ‘It’s All About the Network (thoughts courtesy of Aetna Chairman, President and CEO Mark Bertolini @mtbert) and the introduction to 2014 event ‘JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Unbundled: Something for Everyone?‘ as starters.

Meanwhile here’s last year’s observation posted to @ACOwatch on January 14th, 2014:


Perhaps the trophy event in the biotech, pharma and even innovation in the ‘non-profit sector’ from the likes of Dignity HealthCleveland Clinic and Advocate Healthcare, the ‘suits’ of the investor class (heck even Adam Feuerstein was alleged to have been sporting a tie – at least on Monday) descended upon Union Square. While a closed event,  one needs an invite from a JP Morgan Analyst – at least this is what I was told last year, happily they permit access to the webcasts to those unable to attend.

So if you are an interested party but unable to attend this august gathering the line-up is viewable the access page. A simple email registration is required [Updated for 2015].

Here are the resources available for those who can not make this annual august gathering:

The master agenda is here, you may need to register to progress beyond the gateway. I am already in. If the link doesn’t default to the registration gateway, click on the ‘welcome page‘.

This is an amazing conference with incredible insights that possess their own unique ‘strain’ of delivery given the principal audience includes analysts, other investors and the financial media that report on the industry writ large.

For those who prefer to follow on twitter the event hashtag is #jpm14 (#JPM15) and the digital dashboard can be accessed here. The sessions generated the web impressions pasted below which some refer to as ‘vanity metrics’. We disagree! 37 mil web impressions which translate into ‘potential views’ or account deliveries is powerful both in real time and from a downstream ‘tail’ data mining or keyword cloud or theme narrative extraction perspective. In other words, it all starts with visibility.

No visibility, no brand or conversational mindshare!

jpm 14 total impressions

For those following via the twitter hashtag #JPM15 here is last year’s digital footprint. Some 36,948,863 web impressions (each tweet is an indexed web page) is not bad for a venue that doesn’t pay much attention (or so it seems) to social media.

For what it’s worth, for the last two years, I’ve registered the #JPM14 and #JPM15 hashtags with the hashtag registar Symplur. This permits the creation of a digital dashboard of sorts, that enables both analytics reporting and transcript pulls.

The registrar is Symplur is known for having created ‘the healthcare hashtags projects’ a rich repository of healthcare conferences, and for many is the ‘go to’ resource for registering healthcare hashtags.




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